ICE AGE PREMIUM GLACIER WATER Now certified MK Kosher Pareve.

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ICE AGE PREMIUM GLACIER WATER Now certified MK Kosher Pareve.

March 10, 2005

(Redondo Beach, Ca.) New Attitude Beverage Corp., master distributor for ICE AGE PREMIUM GLACIER WATER in the award winning cobalt blue bottle, announces that it’s Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada bottling plant has now been MK Certified Pareve.

After a full plant inspection by the Rabbinical Council of Montreal the MK symbol now adorns all Ice Age bottles.

New Attitude found better recognition by U.S. consumers of the MK symbol than its previous certification as BCK.

The bottling plant bottles only pure water products and does not add flavors, sugars or other ingredients that would allow the opportuniity of cross contamination .

Among the brands produced at this plant are ICE AGE PREMIUM GLACIER WATER, MUSIC GLACIER WATER in the patented triangular bottle, Canada’s Best Water (Spring Water), and CANADA -The water (Glacial water) coming in May 2005. In March 2005, the plant has added some new technology to create VORTEX Spun Activated water, a processed upscale healthy water.

The bottling plant also produces private label for a restricted and select number of clients as well, including Wild Oats’ Capers Canada.

The award winning water has won numerous medals for its distinctive structure and naturally low total dissolved solids (minerals) content at 4 part per million. The texture of the water is defined by all who have experienced it at room temperature as ” exceptionally smooth” and “exceptionally distinctive”. A variety of health practitioners have recommended it for years.

The Watermark plant in Vancouver has operated since 1992.

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